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Why do zebras have stripes? It may not be what you think…..

P6 students should be in the middle of studying Adaptations in Science lessons right about now. In this topic, they learn that animals and plants have adapted themselves in many ways to the environment around them. If we asked why zebras have stripes, some would probably say that it’s a defence mechanism because the resulting optical […]

It’s the March School Holidays!!!! (Part 2)

We hope that you have been having fun with your kids this holiday. Here are two more suggestions in case you have run out of things to do. 1. Explore the great outdoors at the Botanic Gardens and enjoy the free movie screening while you are there. X-Men Apocalypse will be screened on 18 March […]

It’s the March School Holidays!!! (Part 1)

Has it been 10 weeks already?? Yup the 10 weeks of Term 1 have come and gone in what seems like almost an instant. And yes, the March holidays are upon us.  They say time flies when you are having fun. So you’d better start planning because the week will disappear before you know it. […]

Post-PSLE Blog 3 – Schools, schools everywhere but which should we choose?

At long last (or perhaps way too soon for some of you), the moment of reckoning is here. PSLE results will be released tomorrow, November 24th. For most parents, the real headache begins – which schools to choose for your child? We have gathered some of our thoughts and penned them down and we sincerely […]

Post PSLE Blog 2 – The PSLE is over but don’t stop learning (Part 2)

We continue with our suggestions of what you and the kids can do  while waiting to embark on their exciting secondary school journey. This time we focus on what to do in sunny Singapore. On rainy days or when it’s too hot to go outside, let them catch up on some movies they’ve missed. Many […]

Post PSLE Blog 2 – The PSLE is over but don’t stop learning (Part 1)

With the PSLE done and dusted, the textbooks and the assessment books and the exam papers have been packed away for a younger sibling or discarded forever.  But that doesn’t mean the learning should stop. No, we are not suggesting that you go out and buy the Secondary 1 textbooks early and make them start […]

Post-PSLE Blog 1 – Teaching your children to navigate the online world

The latest ST article ‘Parenting dilemmas in the digital age’ (17 October 2016) set us thinking again – how do we navigate that often perilous path of ensuring that our children are digitally savvy but not slaves to their mobile devices  and the online world ? Immediately after the PSLE ended on 4th October 2016 […]

Surviving the Final Countdown

So at long last , it’s here. The final countdown – 10 days to PSLE. Parents are swinging between anticipation (that all the stress will come to an end soon) and despair (that there’s so little time for their children to do all the other schools prelim papers 2016 that  have been so painstakingly accumulated). […]

Technology – a double-edged sword?

“Gotta catch ’em all!” Haven’t heard this phrase? Where have you been for the past month? The Pokemon Go craze swept into Singapore about a month ago and life has never been the same for many kids (and their parents too). Many parents we have spoken to feel like salmon swimming upstream when they try to stop […]

A Human Dolphin?

Like most Singaporeans, we have been immersed in reading about Joseph Schooling and his marvellous achievement in the 100m butterfly at the Rio Olympics. Amongst everything that we read (including the many puns on his name), one comment made in 2014 stood out “You know what is a dolphin like underwater? Well, he [Joseph] is […]

Nurturing a love for Science in your child

  ‘Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand.’ You may have heard this quotation before which has been variously attributed to Aristotle, Confucius and Benjamin Franklin amongst others. Opinion is divided on its origins but there is definitely consensus that whoever said this has hit the proverbial […]

Why we specialise in Science

Over the course of several months, parents have asked us why we choose to specialise in a single subject. Some are eager for us to start a Math & English programme so that The Science Clinic can be a one-stop centre where their children can attend lessons in all three subjects. At the same time, some of […]

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